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The Ritz-Carlton Introduces A Menu Of Sensory Experiences  Sure To Evoke #Rcmemories

CHEVY CHASE, Md. – August 25, 2014 — Have you ever noticed that a particular scent can bring forth a rush of vivid memories? The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company knows that individuals remember what they smell two times longer and more vividly than what they see or hear. Whether it’s the aroma of pines that transport you back to a ski holiday or an exotic neroli lotion that reminds you of your spa bridal shower – the sense of smell is intimately linked to emotion and plays an important role in leaving an indelible mark in one’s life.

“First impressions at our properties are everlasting and set the stage for overall guest engagement and brand perception,” said Lisa Holladay, vice-president, brand management and guest experience for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. “Equally important as our service and cultural competence, being an element that evokes an emotional connection ensures us that we are delivering highly-experiential stays for our guests around the world.”

The Ritz-Carlton introduced a sensory programming initiative to enhance the guest experience through the use of custom fragrance in its 86 hotels and resorts around the world. Together with the music and botanical programs, scent programming provides another opportunity to evoke an emotional connection during guests’ travels and heighten their experience.   Hotels around the world have selected signature ambient fragrances they feel evokes a strong sense of place — a menu of custom scents were developed for each global geographic regions, resorts, urban hotels and specialty seasonal offerings.

The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin has debuted a world exclusive. Fragrances, the city center hotel’s new bar, is the first lounge dedicated to the art of craft cocktails in combination with the world of perfume and aromas. Hand-selected scents from renowned fragrance houses, coupled with high-quality spirits from the world-class portfolio of Diageo, are the inspiration for the unique libations crafted by the bar.

“At Fragrances, we want guests to not only enjoy their cocktails, but to also experience them,” explained Arnd Heissen, manager of the new concept. “By selecting their favorite cocktails, guests depend entirely on their senses – which is an experiment that demands courage and curiosity on their part, while also being inspiring.” he continued.

”Arts Vivendi” at Hotel Arts Barcelona, is home to hundreds of flowers gracefully presented by the hand of an artist since 2004. Donna Stain has been crafting a soul to the prominently-situated hotel along the Mediterranean Sea with her endless energy and creativity – which made her talent an obvious feature for the brand’s Art of the Craft series.

Leading a team of four people dedicated entirely to the task, Stain creates a new floral design every week and peacefully produces the designs each Thursday at dawn. Colors, scents, and textures renew the landmark property, providing a new hotel-wide installation as if it were a plays next act. Beyond sharing a sensory experience with hotel guests, Donna shares her passion and knowledge with anyone willing to attend the Flower Workshops organized at Hotel Arts several times a year. Donna works with seasonal flowers and plants to create these workshops and teaches the art of home-made refined compositions to her students.

Tradition, heritage and friendships lend to sensory experiences as well. As an homage to the stunning Cherry Blossom trees gifted by Japan to the U.S. capital in 1912 in celebration of the two nations’ growing friendship, The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C. created a signature Sakura Blossom Candle that remains a perennial favorite of guests.

As today’s global traveler journeys to the Middle East, the mystical and healing aromatics of Oud are prominently featured within Doha’s Sharq Village & Spa. A blend of exotic scents waft through the ancient Qatari Village-inspired resort and are available in several forms for guests to enjoy back home.

The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, which opened its doors earlier this year, utilizes a custom-blended Green Tea scent throughout the destination’s first global luxury-branded hotel, inspired by the region’s ‘steeped’ heritage of growing the ancient tea.

The intangible experiences tied to travel are enlivened by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. A picture is worth a thousand words and memories are a beautiful way to hold on to the very best memories that we have. The brand invites digital audiences to explore the world of   The Ritz-Carlton through the eyes of fellow travelers, and to relive life’s most inspiring travel journeys with ‘Your Memories’ on

The Ritz-Carlton leaves an indelible mark on guests’ lives, which evolved further with the launch of the hashtag, #RCMemories in 2013. The global luxury hotel company began showcasing the other side of the stories by providing a social environment for guests to share their favorite Ritz-Carlton vacation memories. In the continuing evolution of #RCMemories, there is now an engaging space for consumers to share photos representing their favorite memories with the brand and fellow travelers through ‘Your Memories on

Your Memories’ displays photos of captured moments as they are shared by guests on Twitter and Instagram and tagged with #RCMemories. Travelers share their personal experiences at Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts for others to see and be inspired by in a dynamic, mosaic-like display of images that is continuously refreshing.

“The Ritz-Carlton brand is positioned on our ability to create memories for our guests. The number one way travelers share their memories is with photos in social media. This brings those two things together by pulling the curtain back on the real live memory making at our hotels.” said Clayton Ruebensaal, vice president, global marketing, The Ritz-Carlton. “Your Memories is a one-of-a-kind space that is populated entirely with user-generated content and allows us to watch memories as they unfold and where travelers can come back again and again to see new memories as they are made. It’s a tribute to memories and travel from The Ritz-Carlton.”


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